Body worn cameras (BWCs) are cameras worn on police officers’ bodies that record audio and video of officers’ interactions with the public from the officers’ perspective. As with many technological advances in policing the deployment of this technology without proper safeguards and the right policies in place can turn a tool meant to promote police accountability into a tool that expands the surveillance state.

Given the public interest in assuring deployment of BWCs serves both the interests of Virginians and the police who serve them, the ACLU of Virginia initiated a project to gather and report to the public information on the use of BWCs by law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth. That project has now led to the publication of this report and recommendations regarding the use of BWCs in Virginia.  The finding and recommendations in the report are based on information gathered in June 2015.  There are likely more departments using body cameras now and other departments that may have revised policies since that time.

Download the full report "Getting to Win-WiN"

Infographic on police-worn body cameras

Appendix A: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Model Policy
Appendix B: ACLU of Virginia Model Body Worn Camera Policy
Appendix C: Freedom of Information Act Request Sent to Local Law Enforcement Regarding Body Worn Cameras
Appendix D: 25 Questions Used to Review Body Worn Camera Policies
Appendix E: Summary of Body-Worn Camera Policies

Body-Worn Camera Policies by Locality