If you are seeking legal assistance, we encourage you to review the ACLU of Virginia’s suggested Resource Contact List  for information on how to get legal help. 


If you believe your civil liberties or civil rights have been violated and would like to receive help from the ACLU of Virginia, learn more about our intake process. Please note that the ACLU is neither a government agency nor a general legal services organization, and we normally do not provide emergency services. We have limited resources and staff and are unable to pursue every case that comes to our attention. All requests for legal assistance must be submitted in writing by mail or through our online form.
We only accept complaints regarding civil liberties violations that occurred in Virginia. If you are seeking assistance for a problem that occurred in another state, please click here for a national directory of ACLU offices.

Voter Restoration

If you have lost your right to vote and are looking for assistance in restoring your voting rights, read more about voter restoration.

Links to Other Resources

If you need assistance with another issue, or if the ACLU is unable to assist you, you may wish to consult the ACLU of Virginia's Links to Other Resources for information.