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Call Gov. Ralph Northam at (804) 786-2211 and urge him to use his clemency power to release people from Virginia prisons who do not pose a threat to others.

Use the suggested script below if you need one:

"My name is ________ and I am from __________. I stand with the Virginia COVID-19 Justice Coalition and I urge your office to release any person in custody throughout Virginia who does not pose an imminent threat to others as soon as possible. Thus far, only a small fraction of eligible people have actually been released from the Virginia Department of Corrections under the COVID-19 Early Release Plan—that is NOT ENOUGH! The spread of this pandemic in our detention facilities unnecessarily risks the lives of those staying and working there and threatens our collective public health and safety. I urge you to use your clemency power now to release people during this dangerous time. I also ask that you share information daily with the public on coronavirus status in all state and local facilities. Immediate action is necessary to prevent future spread and loss of life and your office has the executive authority to do so."

Email Gov. Ralph Northam and tell him to lead a statewide, uniform effort to protect people who are incarcerated from COVID-19.

Add your name and use this action link to email the Governor's office.