The ACLU of Virginia envisions a Commonwealth where liberty, justice, equity, inclusion, and dignity are a reality for all. We fight every day in the courts, in the legislature, and in our communities to bring Virginia closer to this vision.

But we can’t do it alone.

With the help of our partners, clients and supporters like you, the ACLU of Virginia has been at the forefront of the fight for civil rights and civil liberties for more than 50 years. We led or supported efforts to:

  • Achieve marriage equality before the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision.
  • Overturn the ban on interracial marriages.
  • Become the first state in the South to end the death penalty.
  • Expand access to the ballot box.
  • Protect trans students from discrimination and advocate for inclusive environments in schools.

We need your help to keep up the fight. The threats to Virginians are ongoing.

Your donation ensures that we have the resources to: 
  • Protect trans people and ensure they can live free from discrimination.
  • Advocate for people in prisons and jails and end cruel and unusual punishments.
  • Fight for safe, accessible abortion services.
  • Respond to government suppression of First Amendment rights.
  • Defend democracy by increasing access to the ballot box.

Change takes all of us. Our advocacy campaigns and lawsuits require resources and often take years before they’re successful. That’s why your ongoing financial support is such a crucial part of the work we do.

Donate, become a member, or discover other ways to give below to join us in making our vision for Virginia a reality.

If you have any questions about making a donation or other fundraising questions, please reach out to our Development team at

1. Donate today

A.Donate today


Now more than ever, we need you by our side. Make your tax-deductible gift today and help us fight alongside people whose rights are in severe jeopardy. 

Make an online donation here
To make a tax-deductible gift by mail, you can send a check to: 
ACLU Foundation of Virginia 
PO Box 26464 
Richmond, VA 23261 
Please make checks payable to: ACLU Foundation of Virginia 

2. Give Monthly

A.Give Monthly


Become a Guardian of Liberty with a monthly donation. Monthly donors enable us to respond to urgent threats to our civil liberties — ensuring that no challenge goes unanswered. These donations go directly toward our political advocacy efforts and are not tax deductible. 

3. Become a card-carrying member

A.Become a card-carrying member


ACLU members support our work at the local, state, and national levels – and one gift makes you a member of both the ACLU of Virginia and the National ACLU! The ACLU of Virginia is an IRS 501(c)4 organization that funds all of the ACLU’s work, including litigation, education, organizing, lobbying, and legislative advocacy. 

To become a member of the ACLU or renew your membership, please visit our membership page.

4. Contribute stock

A.Contribute stock


If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift of securities to our charitable Foundation, instruct your broker to transfer stock to the ACLU Foundation of Virginia through our broker, Davenport & Company, LLC: 
DTC Number: 0443 
Account Name: ACLU Foundation of Virginia 
Account Number: DA4003657 
Firm Name: Pershing/Davenport, LLC 
Because electronic transfers are made without identifying the donor, please alert us in advance about the stock and the number of shares you plan to give or instruct your broker to do so. You may do so by emailing with the subject line, "Stock Donation". 

5. Make a gift through your IRA

A.Make a gift through your IRA


Contact the financial institution that holds your IRA about how to instruct them to make a direct charitable transfer. You may instruct them to make a distribution to American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Virginia, PO Box 26464, Richmond, VA 23261 Tax ID# 52-1283242.     

More information can be found here.

6. Make a gift through your donor-advised fund

A.Make a gift through your donor-advised fund


A donor-advised fund gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is contributed to the ACLU Foundation of Virginia and other qualified 501(c)(3) organizations. By making a grant recommendation to the ACLU of Virginia Foundation through your Donor Advised Fund, you can help us respond to assaults on our fundamental freedoms.  Please consult with your financial advisor to make a grant distribution.

7. Make a matching gift

A.Make a matching gift


Maximize your gift by contacting your employer to determine if a corporate matching gift program is available. It's an easy way to double your impact!

8. Plan a legacy gift

A.Plan a legacy gift


Providing for a future gift to the ACLU of Virginia can be an opportunity to advance the values that have been most important to you in your life. You can continue the fight for justice, equality, and fairness for future generations.

The ACLU offers numerous opportunities for planned giving including designating the ACLU as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Click here to learn more about gift planning with the ACLU, or contact our Development Team at 804-523-2158.