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  1. ACLU Report Reviews 2012 Legislative Session

    August 1, 2012Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Gender & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech, Immigrants' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Reproductive Freedom, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights
  2. ACLU Asks Board of Health to Move Meeting Site for Vote on Women’s Health Center Regulations

    September 12, 2012Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech, Open Government, Women’s Rights
  3. Virginia Board of Health Approves Burdensome and Unnecessary Abortion Regulations

    September 14, 2012Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  4. Virginia State Health Commissioner Resigns over Regulations Governing Women’s Health Centers

    October 18, 2012Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  5. ACLU Seeks Information on Policies addressing Sexual Assault and Title IX Compliance in Higher Education

    November 16, 2012Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Women’s Rights
  6. Diverse Coalition Pleased with Board of Corrections’ Approval of Regulations Restricting Restraints on Pregnant Inmates

    November 19, 2012Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Women’s Rights
  7. Virginia Board of Health Adopts Burdensome New Regulations on Women's Health Centers

    April 12, 2013Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  8. 50th Anniversary of Equal Pay Act with Call For Passage of Paycheck Fairness Act

    June 10, 2013Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Women’s Rights
  9. U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates Patents on Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genes

    June 13, 2013Press releaseFree Speech, Women’s Rights
  10. Disappointed with Court's Decision on Pregnant Inmates

    June 21, 2013Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Women’s Rights