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  1. House Subcommittee Nixes Fusion Center Expansion

    January 21, 2011Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  2. ACLU Wary of Familial DNA Searches in Virginia

    March 22, 2011Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  3. Court of Appeals Avoids Issue of Whether a Warrant is Required for GPS Tracking by Police

    April 6, 2011Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  4. Take a Closer Look: Virginia’s Recidivism Rate Still Isn’t Great

    April 18, 2011News updateCriminal Justice
  5. Honoring Courage Seven Years after Abu Ghraib

    April 28, 2011News updateCriminal Justice, Open Government
  6. Why I’m not Celebrating the 40th Birthday of the “War on Drugs”

    June 8, 2011News updateCriminal Justice, Equality & Sex Discrimination, Privacy & Technology
  7. Zero-Tolerance School Policies Make Zero Sense

    June 23, 2011News updateCriminal Justice
  8. ACLU Seeks Details on Government Phone Tracking in Massive Nationwide Information Request

    August 3, 2011Press releaseCriminal Justice, Open Government, Privacy & Technology
  9. Ship of Fools Ignores Ship of Reason: Juvenile Injustice in Virginia

    October 7, 2011News updateCriminal Justice
  10. Electronic Privacy Law Was Ahead of Its Time—for a Moment

    October 21, 2011News updateCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Privacy & Technology