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  1. ACLU-VA's Statement on Virginia's Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment

    January 27, 2020Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination
  2. "Everyone has the right to not be discriminated against because of their sex, no matter how many employees the company has."

    January 29, 2020News updateGender & Sex Discrimination
  3. ACLU to  Argue Case of Gavin Grimm  in Appeals Court

    May 22, 2020Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination
  4. ACLU of Virginia Files Sex Discrimination Complaint Against Landscaping Company

    January 29, 2020Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination
  5. Carline v. Garden Creations

    January 28, 2020CaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Women’s Rights
  6. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Again Rules in Favor of Gavin Grimm

    August 26, 2020Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination
  7. When People Vote and Show Up, a More Equitable Virginia is Possible

    September 1, 2020News updateVoting Rights, Criminal Legal Reform, Criminal Law Reform, Gender & Sex Discrimination, Prisoners' Rights
  8. What You Should Know about Virginia's New Civil Rights Protections

    July 16, 2020News updateGender & Sex Discrimination, Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights