The following statement is from ACLU of Virginia Policy and Advocacy Strategist Shawn Weneta:

“For lawmakers to fail to pass Second Look legislation two years in a row is extremely disappointing. Dozens of Virginians came to Richmond this session to speak directly with lawmakers on why Virginia needs a Second Look law.

“As a result, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree: it does not make sense to continue to incarcerate people who’ve proven they are no longer a threat to public safety, especially when those same people should be home contributing to their families, their communities, and the overall economy of the Commonwealth.

“It’s rare that people who have committed crimes and people who have been hurt by them agree on criminal legal reform – but that consensus exists on Second Look. Shame on lawmakers for failing to advance such bipartisan legislation. Along with national and grassroots partners like FAMM, The Humanization Project, Sistas in Prison Reform, and Nolef Turns, we will continue to work for the Second Look Virginia needs.”