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November 24, 2021

The following statement can be attributed to the ACLU-VA Executive Director Mary Bauer:

"We are in solidarity with Ahmaud Arbery's family, the community in Georgia, our colleagues at the ACLU of Georgia, and people across the nation as a jury has held Ahmaud's killers accountable in a court of law. While Ahmaud's family deserves accountability, justice would have meant that Ahmaud could have simply finished his jog & returned home to his family. We mourn Ahmaud and the countless others whose lives have been stolen by prejudice, hatred, and racism.

"So many families are still fighting for justice for their loved ones who did not come home. We should remember that the root of the problem is white supremacy and its hold on our nation. Living while Black and having a target on your back is a daily reality for so many Americans.

"The insidiousness of white supremacy has led to Ahmaud being lynched on the street; Kyle Rittenhouse going free, just like the police officer who shot Jacob Blake; and the murders of Marcus-David Peters, Breonna Taylor, and so many more.

"Today's guilty verdict barely scratches the surface. We will continue to uplift and support Black and Brown advocates who are leading the fight."