Americans have exercised their right to vote, the votes were counted, and it appears that Joe Biden has won the presidential election.

Our work defending civil rights and civil liberties and fighting for progress started long before the current president was sworn in, and it won’t end when he leaves office in January. That’s why, even as political power is shifting, we will remain vigilant. We will hold the new administration accountable to undo the harms of the last four years and make the forward progress that the people demand.

No matter what happens across the Potomac in D.C., we’ll continue working with our lawmakers, our courts, and our communities here in Virginia to dismantle the lingering structures of slavery, segregation, and more than four hundred years of racial discrimination and structural inequality that persist in our daily lives.

There is still work to be done, and the ACLU of Virginia is ready. We will continue to hold our state officials accountable, and we won’t rest until every person, no matter who they are, can reach their potential and live a life free of oppression. We ask you to join us in this work. Remain diligent, remain engaged, remain advocates for freedom.