After the Supreme Court of Virginia's ruling, the Virginia Department of Corrections must honor the earned sentence credits of everyone with an eligible inchoate offense.

In its recent decision in Garcia Vasquez v. Dotson et al., the Supreme Court of Virginia held that convictions for conspiracy to commit murder are eligible for enhanced earned sentence credits.

Although the ruling only directly applies to Mr. Garcia Vasquez, the reasoning the Court used in this case indicates that its holding should apply more broadly.  

The Court disagreed with each argument that VDOC made for why it had withheld earned sentence credits from our client, Mr. Garcia Vasquez.

Yet VDOC has used those same arguments to withhold enhanced sentence credits from other people in its custody who have convictions for eligible inchoate offenses.  

In light of the Court's most recent ruling, withholding those earned sentence credits from people who have convictions for eligible inchoate offenses is wrong. 

We are demanding that VDOC restore additional sentence credits to everyone who is eligible, and that VDOC act quickly to release those who have now served their entire sentences. 

Read our letter to VDOC articulating those demands below.