Look Again: Stories of Second Chances

Second chances inspire hope–hope to reunite with loved ones, make up for lost time, forge a new path, find your calling, and become the best version of yourself.

Virginia incarcerates too many people for way too long. With no chance of parole and very slim chance of pardons, many people who have done the hard work to transform themselves remain behind bars for years, or even decades, on the taxpayers' tab. These are dollars that could be better used to support rehabilitated people as they return home, look for jobs, and rebuild their lives. Read the stories of Sincere, Blair, Jesse, Angel, and others who have been through or impacted by Virginia's prison system to understand what a second chance means to them. We envision a criminal legal system that helps people rehabilitate and contribute back to our society, rather than one that punishes by leaving tens of thousands of people to grow old behind bars.