Criminal Legal Reform

The ACLU of Virginia seeks to significantly reform the criminal justice system to ensure that all individuals who interact with it are treated fairly and have their constitutional rights observed.

Free Speech and Religious Liberty

The ACLU believes the fundamental liberties of the First Amendment are vital to our democracy: freedom of speech and of the press, the right of people to peaceably assemble and to petition government, and religious liberty.

Gender & Sex Discrimination

The ACLU of Virginia envisions a Commonwealth and country in which all people are treated fairly and equally without regard to race, sex, religion, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Privacy & Technology

Technology continues to rapidly evolve and develop in ways that our Founding Fathers could hardly conceive. It is important that our laws keep pace to protect our privacy and to safeguard against government surveillance.

Reproductive Justice

The ability to make reproductive decisions for oneself is inherent to a person’s ability to determine their life and their future. Reproductive and family planning decisions should be left to a pregnant person and their doctor, not politicians. 

Voting Rights

Voting is a fundamental right in our democracy. The ACLU of Virginia is dedicated to protecting and expanding the freedom to vote.