Advocacy Toolkit: Voting Rights

There is no doubt that Virginia has a long and troubled history with voting rights. Virginia is the fifth worst state in the nation at disenfranchising its citizens and, worse, the unfair, disproportionate impact on the African-American community is increasing. It is time we made clear that the vote is essential to a healthy democracy, and it belongs to the people. It is not a privilege to be used by the government to reward or punish its people. Take action in your local community!
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We should all join together in being proactive in moving state and local officials to adopt laws and policies that will encourage and protect freedom for all people in Virginia rather than constrain it for any of us. We need your help to push for adoption of the ACLU’s model state and local law enforcement policies and rules related to the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Take action in your local community!
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Advocacy Toolkit: Censorship and Banned Books
The First Amendment does not allow the government, including public school officials, to make books or ideas unavailable based on their content or viewpoint. Also, the government cannot decide to take books out of schools because they are controversial, unpopular or even offensive. We need your help to stop the government from taking books out of schools! This toolkit outlines more detail about this issue and provide action items for you if you take on the challenge to help!
Advocacy Toolkit: Bringing Smart Justice to Prosecutions
Locally elected Commonwealth's Attorneys are the most powerful players in our state’s criminal justice system, but also historically among the most obstinate opponents of common-sense reforms that would help reduce the number of people who are wrapped up in the system and incarcerated. This toolkit provides an overview of the issues, fact sheets, sample social media posts, and talking points for you to use in your activism. Importantly, we provide a list of recommended action steps, such as meeting with your local prosecutor and candidates for that office to find out where they stand and attempt to influence them.
Advocacy Toolkit: Fundraising and House Parties
Every day across the nation, the ACLU is called on to defend all the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There has never been a more important time for freedom-loving people to support the ACLU of Virginia and our effective work to protect civil liberties. Take your stand and help us defend people’s rights. Arrange an ACLU fundraising event!
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