Tell Virginia's Leaders to Protect Access to Contraception

Reproductive Healthcare Decisions Belong to People, Not Politicians

Like all healthcare decisions, the decision of whether or not to have children should be in the hands of the people who can become pregnant and their doctors. That’s common sense.  

But unfortunately, extremists are trying to gut IVF, contraception, and every one of our reproduction freedoms. 

That's why Gov. Youngkin must protect access to contraception in Virginia. 

SB237/HB609 are bills that would codify the right to contraception in Virginia, and they're sitting on his desk awaiting his signature. 

Thank you for calling Gov. Youngkin to tell him he needs to protect access to contraceptives. 

You’ll be calling the Office of Constituent Services. They are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F. Their contact info is:

(804) 786-2211

You will likely reach a voicemail. If someone answers, you should say: “Hello, I am a constituent of Governor Youngkin and would like to make a comment to the governor about HB 609 and SB 237.”  

Whether the aide agrees to take your comment or transfers you to voicemail, here’s a script for what you can say that you should feel free to personalize with your own reproductive care story: 

Suggested Script for Calling Gov. Youngkin

Good afternoon, my name is [Your Name], and I'm a resident of [Your City/Town], Virginia.   

I'm calling today to respectfully urge Governor Youngkin to sign HB609/SB237 into law to protect the right to contraception.  

Virginians need access to contraception. No one should make decisions about our healthcare except the people receiving care, their loved ones, and doctors.  

As other states roll back their residents’ reproductive freedoms, it’s important that Virginia protect ours.  I strongly encourage Governor Youngkin to support SB237/HB609 and sign it into law. 

I’d appreciate if you’d send a response by email to [Your Email] or by phone at [Your Phone #].  

Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day.