The ACLU of Virginia strongly supports requiring the Virginia Department of Corrections to collect and report data on how many people are held in solitary confinement, why they were placed there, for how long, and whether they are a member of a vulnerable population. There currently are no data or reporting requirements on the use of solitary confinement in Virginia and as a result we know very little about this harmful and inhumane practice, except that it is far more prevalent than the VDOC has been willing to admit.

HB 1642: Solitary confinement - Data collection and Reporting (2019) (Hope) 

SB 1140 - Solitary Confinement; Data Collection And Reporting, Department Of Corrections To Submit Report (Favola)

Advocacy Resources

Solitary Confinement Transparency Facts Sheet

Solitary Confinement Transparency Talking Points


Patrick Hope, Barbara A. Favola


2019 General Assembly

Bill number

HB 1642, SB 1140


Strongly Support