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  1. ACLU Asks Court to Strike Down Residency Restrictions on Petition Circulators for Presidential Candidates

    June 22, 2012Press releaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  2. U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates Much of Arizona’s SB 1070 Anti-Immigrant Law; Refuses to Void “Show Me Your Papers” Provision

    June 25, 2012Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  3. Giles County School Board Votes to Settle Ten Commandments Case

    July 3, 2012Press release
  4. ACLU of Virginia and Del. Todd Gilbert Propose Legislation to Regulate Unmanned Aerial Drones in Virginia

    July 12, 2012Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Privacy & Technology
  5. ACLU Seeks Details on Automatic License Plate Readers in Massive Nationwide Request

    July 30, 2012Press releasePrivacy & Technology
  6. Court Says Residency Restriction on Petition Circulators for Third-Party Presidential Candidates is Unconstitutional

    July 31, 2012Press releaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  7. ACLU Report Reviews 2012 Legislative Session

    August 1, 2012Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Gender & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech, Immigrants' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Reproductive Freedom, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights
  8. State Board of Elections Meets Today to Consider Allegations of Misconduct by the Voter Participation Center

    August 6, 2012Press releaseVoting Rights
  9. ACLU Argues Facebook Like is Constitutionally Protected Speech

    August 7, 2012Press releaseFree Speech
  10. ACLU Urges Roanoke County to Forgo Prayer or Adopt Moment of Silence before Legislative Meetings

    August 27, 2012Press release