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  1. 2010 Annual Report

    September 15, 2010Publication
  2. Attorney's Fees and Buckhannon

    June 29, 2009PublicationEquality & Sex Discrimination
  3. Equal Justice and Fair Play: An Assessment of the Capital Justice System in Virginia

    September 12, 2006PublicationDeath Penalty, Criminal Justice
  4. All about the Patriot Act: A Manual for Activists

    February 15, 2006PublicationPrivacy & Technology, Data Privacy, Government Surveillance, Criminal Justice
  5. Broken Justice: The Death Penalty in Virginia

    November 30, 2003PublicationDeath Penalty, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice
  6. Accountable to No One: The Virginia Department of Corrections and Prisoner Medical Care

    May 15, 2003PublicationPrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  7. Unequal, Unfair and Irreversible: The Death Penalty in Virginia

    December 15, 2000PublicationDeath Penalty, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice
  8. 2011 Annual Report

    September 15, 2011Publication
  9. Advocacy Toolkit: Fundraising and House Parties

    May 3, 2017Publication
  10. Accountability in Virginia Policing: An Agenda for Reform

    May 4, 2017Publication


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