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  1. Tweet Chat Blog Series: Voter Photo ID Law is Hitting Snags

    August 1, 2014News update
  2. Virginia’s Botched Death Penalty System

    August 5, 2014News update
  3. Liberty and Justice for All – The Civil Rights Case Against Immigration Detainers

    August 11, 2014News updateCriminal Justice, Immigrants' Rights
  4. Medical Professionals Speak Out: Rules for Women’s Health Care Centers Must be Rewritten

    August 14, 2014News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, Reproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  5. Religion in our Public Schools

    August 16, 2014News updateFree Speech
  6. Ferguson Revives Police Militarization Debate

    August 24, 2014News updateCriminal Justice
  7. Glenberg: Students, schools, and religion

    August 24, 2014News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech
  8. COMMUNITY VIEW: Lessons from Ferguson

    August 29, 2014News updateCriminal Justice
  9. Baluarte: 3 questions for the ACLU

    August 20, 2014News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, Immigrants' Rights, LGBT Rights, Voting Rights