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  1. ACLU-VA Comment on Status of Gloucester Transgender Student's Lawsuit

    July 13, 2016Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  2. Fairfax City Repeals Ordinance Discriminating Against Abortion Providers

    July 15, 2016Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  3. ACLU-VA Letter Regarding Explosive Detection Equipment in Arlington County

    July 18, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Open Government, Privacy & Technology
  4. ACLU-VA Offers Expert Resources on Civil Rights Issues

    July 19, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Open Government, Voting Rights
  5. ACLU-VA Statement Regarding Va. Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Restoration

    July 22, 2016Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, Voting Rights
  6. ACLU-VA, Roanoke NAACP Urge Governor to Order State Police to Investigate All Killings, Serious Injuries by Law Enforcement

    July 27, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice
  7. ACLU-VA Expresses Concerns Regarding RPD Policing of Protests

    July 25, 2016Press releaseFree Speech