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  1. ACLU-VA Statement Regarding SCOTUS Decision in Fisher

    June 23, 2016Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination
  2. Court Orders School Board to Let Transgender Student Gavin Grimm Use Same Restrooms as Other Boys

    June 23, 2016Press releaseLGBT Rights
  3. ACLU-VA Supports Governor's Restoration of Voting Rights; Files Brief Siding with Governor in Lawsuit

    June 27, 2016Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Voting Rights
  4. ACLU-VA Calls On Board of Health to Amend Rules Targeting Abortion Providers

    June 28, 2016Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  5. New ACLU-VA Report: Virginia’s Local, Elected Prosecutors Have ‘Unparalleled Power’ that Goes Largely Unchecked

    June 15, 2016Press releaseDeath Penalty, Criminal Legal Reform, Voting Rights
  6. Advocacy Groups Urge Federal Investigation into Jamycheal Mitchell Death; Concern Cited Over Likelihood of Future Deaths

    June 6, 2016Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Prisoners' Rights