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  1. Fair Redistricting in Virginia (2001)

    May 15, 2001PublicationVoting Rights
  2. 2016 Annual Report

    November 15, 2016Publication
  3. Unparalleled Power: Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Voters, and Criminal Justice Reform in Virginia

    June 16, 2016PublicationCriminal Legal Reform, Criminal Law Reform
  4. Reform Virginia’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws to Remove the Profit Incentive and Curtail the Abuse of Power

    March 10, 2016PublicationCriminal Law Reform, Criminal Legal Reform
  5. 2015 Annual Report

    September 15, 2015Publication
  6. Getting to Win-Win: The Use of Body-Worn Cameras in Virginia Policing

    September 9, 2015PublicationPolice Practices, Criminal Law Reform, Privacy & Technology, Government Surveillance
  7. Virginia's Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers: The Attempt to Regulation Abortion out of Existence

    March 1, 2014PublicationReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  8. 2013 Annual Report

    September 15, 2013Publication
  9. 2014 Annual Report

    September 15, 2014Publication
  10. Fair Redistricting in Virginia (2011)

    May 15, 2011PublicationVoting Rights, Racial Justice