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  1. ACLU of Virginia Praises and Criticizes Governor’s Proposals for Mental Health Reform

    December 14, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  2. ACLU Files Amicus Brief with U.S. Supreme Court in Virginia Illegal Search Case

    December 14, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  3. ACLU, Rep. Bobby Scott Call for Multi-front Steps to Ending Youth Violence

    November 29, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice, Equality & Sex Discrimination
  4. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear El-Masri Case

    October 11, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice
  5. ACLU Ads Call on 110th Congress to Restore Lost American Freedoms

    January 4, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice
  6. ACLU Files Brief on Behalf of Business Owner Who Claims Police Retaliation for Complaints against Detective

    June 14, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  7. Federal Appeals Court Denies Day in Court for Victim of CIA Kidnapping, Citing “State Secrets”

    March 2, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice
  8. ACLU Ads Urge Senator Warner to Restore Due Process Rights

    March 20, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice
  9. ACLU Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Hear El-Masri Extraordinary Rendition Case

    May 30, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice
  10. Ruttenberg v. Jones (amicus)

    June 14, 2007CaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech