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  1. ACLU Calls on State Officials and Bureau of Prisons to Collect and Release COVID-19 Demographic Data

    April 21, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice
  2. Half-measures will cost lives.

    April 22, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice
  3. ACLU-VA Calls on Attorney General Mark Herring to Denounce Rise of Racist Attacks on Asian Americans Amid COVID-19

    April 27, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice
  4. ACLU-VA Calls for Special Legislative Session on Racism in Policing

    June 10, 2020Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  5. Celebrate Loving Day by Fighting for Black Lives

    June 12, 2020News updateRacial Justice
  6. Slavery Ended 155 Years Ago, but the Struggle for Black Freedom Continues

    June 18, 2020News updateRacial Justice
  7. Alton Coston: The Hoodie vs. The Suit

    July 10, 2020News updateRacial Justice
  8. Kiara Rogers: How the Criminal Legal System Continues to Fail Women

    July 24, 2020News updateCriminal Law Reform, Criminal Legal Reform, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Women’s Rights
  9. Anaheed Mobaraki: Why Police Department Budgets Should Be Reinvested Into the Community

    August 12, 2020News updateJuvenile Justice, Criminal Legal Reform, Racial Justice
  10. Virginia Student Power Network, et al. v City of Richmond, et al.

    June 26, 2020CasePolice Practices, Racial Justice, Free Speech