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  1. Virginia Prisons’ Aging Pains

    February 3, 2012News updateCriminal Legal Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  2. Judge Orders Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors to Cease Christian Prayers at Board Meetings

    February 3, 2012Press release
  3. Emotional Gathering in Caroline County Celebrates ACLU Case Striking Down Virginia’s Anti-Miscegenation Law

    February 5, 2012Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination
  4. Senate Joins House; Approves Oppressive Voter ID Bill

    February 6, 2012Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. Coalition Calls on General Assembly to Pass Restrictions on the Shackling of Pregnant Prisoners

    February 7, 2012Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Women’s Rights
  6. Dumb and Dumber: Two Initiatives to Suppress Voter Participation

    February 8, 2012News updateGender & Sex Discrimination, Voting Rights
  7. Senate Joins House in Approving Bill Allowing Discrimination by State-Licensed Adoption Agencies

    February 9, 2012Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  8. Meet the Lovings and Find True Love

    February 13, 2012News updateGender & Sex Discrimination