Achieving the goal of protecting our liberties and advancing the rights granted to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights is no mean feat. It requires vigilance and persistence to confront and surmount challenges to our liberties and freedom in the courts, the legislature or adverse public opinion. We strive each day to live up to our values: seeking justice, exhibiting courage, making progress, acting with integrity and putting people first. When threats to liberty seem overwhelming, we remind ourselves that we must not lose sight of the vision that inspires us … a Virginia in which all are equal and live in freedom.

The ACLU of Virginia has worked toward this vision for almost 50 years. As we look to our anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the national ACLU, we recommit ourselves to stand unyielding in the face of threats to our freedom. We promise to pursue relentlessly for all Virginians–

  • The freedom to control our own bodies without politicians intervening;
  • The freedom to be safe and secure without sacrificing our privacy, liberty or our very lives;
  • The freedom to effect change in our communities through the power of the vote;
  • The freedom of movement without “Big Brother” surveillance tracking our digital footprints;
  • The freedom to think and believe what we want without government telling us otherwise or penalizing us for those thoughts and beliefs; and
  • The right to be treated fairly and equally because we are all valued as individuals with no one person being better than anyone else.

We urge you to share in our vision, and see how the ACLU of Virginia’s work moves us closer toward freedom and equality for all.