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September 30, 2015

Richmond, VA – The ACLU of Virginia has issued the following statement with regard to the pending execution of Mr. Alfredo Prieto. It should be attributed to ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Claire Guthrie Gastañaga.

“The ACLU of Virginia opposes the death penalty.

“In the specific case of Alfredo Prieto, we share the federal court’s apparent concerns about the use of a secret drug derived from unidentified sources that may have unforeseen consequences. This would be cruel and unusual punishment.

“Further, the ACLU of Virginia continues to urge Gov. Terry McAuliffe to stop Mr. Prieto’s execution because it is unclear if he is even eligible for the death penalty. Significant evidence exists that Mr. Prieto may be a person who has an intellectual disability. The U.S. Supreme Court has previously told the Commonwealth that killing such a person is unconstitutional because it ‘violates his or her inherent dignity as a human being.’ To execute Mr. Prieto when his condition remains unclear would be outrageous, barbaric and leave an indelible moral stain on Virginia.”

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