"Contrary to how cultural conservatives paint the ACLU, or what people say about us when sending us Christmas cards, I assure you neither the staff nor the board of the ACLU has declared war on Christmas. We don’t question people’s right to celebrate Christmas, but we do want to be sure the government is not promoting religious beliefs or indoctrinating children to adhere to certain religious practices," blogged ACLU of Virginia Deputy Director Elizabeth Wong in December 2012. And in the years since, the ACLU of Virginia has remained vigilant in guaranteeing that those who want to celebrate Christian traditions can do so freely, while also ensuring that the government does not take sides in matters of religion.
In 2014, we supported the right of the Richmond chapter of the National Day of Prayer to be granted a permit to host a National Day of Prayer event in Capitol Square. We also stood up for a Christian student’s right to evangelize on a Virginia community college campus.  These are just two examples of how we have defended and will continue to advocate for the right of all individuals to celebrate their faith without government interference. Want more examples? Check the work of ACLU national and read Elizabeth's full blog, "Yes, Virginia, the ACLU Celebrates Christmas, too"