By Elizabeth Wong, Associate Director
With the Virginia General Assembly having finished the bulk of its work a few weeks ago, it’s the Governor’s turn to take action. The legislature will then reconvene on April 21 to consider the Governor’s recommendations and vetoed legislation.
The Governor has several bills on his desk concerning civil liberties and civil rights. We want to make sure that when he considers which bills to sign and which to veto, he remembers to protect civil liberties.
Email Gov. McDonnell and urge him to support free speech, fair trials and due process rights and oppose expansion of the death penalty.
We are asking Gov. McDonnell to SIGN these bills:

HB 1 (Loupassi) –Restricts the state’s anti-spam statute to anonymous, unsolicited commercial speech and excludes anonymous, unsolicited non-commercial speech.

SB 259 (Lucas) – Provides that juveniles being tried as adults be detained in juvenile detention centers and not adult correctional facilities.

SB 248 (Watkins) – Provides a mechanism for lawyers of indigent capital defendants to seek the appointment certain confidential experts when a judge determines that the confidential assistance of an expert is necessary for a fair trial.

We are asking Gov. McDonnell to VETO these bills:

HB 166 (Pogge), HB 934 (Bell, Robert) and SB 520 (Norment) – Expands the death penalty by allowing the death sentence to be imposed or the killing of auxiliary law enforcement and fire marshals.

HB 737 (Albo) – Mandates that state agencies use E-Verify

Help us by emailing Gov. McDonnell to express your support of civil liberties!
Support the Pro-Choice Specialty License Plate: You can also email Gov. McDonnell to urge him to sign the omnibus specialty license plate bill, which includes a pro-choice plate displaying the phrase “Trust Women, Respect Choice.” Proceeds from the sale of the pro-choice plate go to Planned Parenthood. Click here to email Gov. McDonnell and express your support for the pro-choice license plate.