Throughout my career, I’ve had one enduring professional goal: to work with people who make a positive impact on their community. I’m excited to join such a group at the ACLU of Virginia as its new Director of Finance and Administration.

I began my career working for AmeriCorps, and that job took me from my longtime home of western Maryland to a new home base of Denver. I travelled with my cohort around Colorado and other southwest states, partnering with various non-profit organizations. Assignments differed depending on the organization - we might be cutting miles of hiking trails, building new homes for low-income families, tutoring high school students, or be put on the front lines of disaster relief work. The common thread throughout these assignments was that I built a deep understanding of people across the nation. More specifically, I learned that an individual’s or family’s access to resources often depended on where they lived, how much money they made, and on their identities. After a few years of this direct field work, I took this newfound knowledge to an operations role with the Corporation for National and Community Service, the government group that manages AmeriCorps programs. This transition solidified my passion for logistics and a skill of maximizing resources to create program efficiencies.

From there I began working with Teach for America in the state of Colorado I had grown to love, supporting the vision that one day all children in the nation would have access an excellent education. This position helped me understand and fight the systematic issues that face low-income communities. I was also able to develop my professional interests around setting strategy and creating tools for our staff as it related to communication, human resources, office management, and finance.

After this and up until joining the ACLU-VA, I worked in the for-profit world for a stint - one that gave me a chance to experience financial and operations work in new ways and to diversify my skillset and develop me professionally, while also solidifying my desire to return to work that aligns more closely with my values.

As a member of the LGBT community, I have a personal stake in the work of the ACLU and value the ACLU’s commitment to all marginalized groups and the intersections therein. We are in trying times and it is important that the ACLU remain aggressive in its defense and preservation of individual rights and liberties. We know the journey to true equality is long, and I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that is leading the way.

My goals with the ACLU-VA center around growing our team and pushing our affiliate to the next operational level. I hope to create systems that allow our dollars and time to go further, identify opportunities to strategically align our resources to expand the reach of our programs, and help our team collaborate even more powerfully than it does already.

In my non-work time, I enjoy exploring RVA, cooking, DIY-ing around the home and garden, and hiking with my wife and our 35-lb mutt, Birdie.

I look forward to working alongside you.