Richmond, VA



Deadline date

Accepted on a Rolling Basis

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia (ACLU-VA) is requesting proposals from interested parties to provide workplace counseling and trauma services for our staff due to the nature of the work that we do across the state of Virginia. ACLU-VA is interested in building a long-term relationship with a provider who can continue to build on this program over multiple years. ACLU- VA is an integrated advocacy organization whose mission is to protect the civil liberties and civil rights of the residents of Virginia focused on racial and social justice. The ACLU of Virginia currently has 23 full-time employees and will continue to grow within the next six to nine months. Proposals from qualified providers will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Scope of Work

  1. Conduct discovery meetings with the Chief Equity Officer and the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging team and staff to develop a customized trauma/coping counseling program for employees in the workplace.
  2. Develop a curriculum for group workshops focused on workplace trauma and overall mental health due to the nature of the ACLU work.
  3. Provide individual group counseling for the ACLU of Virginia team members
  4. Facilitate Group Workshops on a schedule defined during program development
  5. Facilitate quarterly workshops in staff meetings on specified topics
  6. Provide resources and tools for dealing with workplace trauma and overall mental health
  7. Conduct feedback surveys on an agreed-upon schedule. Suggest modifications to the program as needed based on feedback.
  8. Conduct periodic update meetings with stakeholders.

Provider Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Licensed Professional Counselor
  2. Master’s degree in counseling (preferred)
  3. Certification in trauma counseling
  4. At least 5 years of trauma counseling experience
  5. Professional experience working with clients outside of the medical facility space.
  6. Willing to work with the internal working group to help design a customized program for the organization.
  7. Willing to attend occasional staff meetings to discuss the program availability
  8. Willing to meet remotely or conference call to discuss matters  


  1. Comfortable with public speaking as well as interpersonal communications
  2. Strong understanding of chemical, physical, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual effects of stress and trauma on individuals advocating for racial and social justice.
  3. Provide a written presentation or counseling program introduction guide to ACLU-VA new employees during onboard briefings. Presentations should include the program benefits, offerings, and mental health awareness relating to workplace trauma, health vs unhealthy coping mechanisms, and relationship management.
  4. Conduct workshops for staff on a schedule to be determined during program development.
  5.  Be available to ACLU-VA employees for a minimum of four hours per month.
  6. Preferred to be available for short notice conversations or events that require group debriefings. Short notice is defined as 48 to 72 hours of notice.
  7. Maintain a high level of confidentiality.

Program Expected Fees

  1. Program development and maintenance time includes all meetings with internal staff
  2. Monthly counseling hours
  3. Additional Individual employee sessions (as needed with written approval)
  4. Group counseling sessions/workshops
  5. Survey and/or evaluation development and analysis
  6. ACLU-VA requests the submitted price be locked in for 3 years (if the proposer cannot meet this requirement, please list prices for 3 year period)

Your Response to This Request for Proposal

In responding to this request, please provide the following information:

  1. Letter of Intent, including experience with trauma services in a non-medical organization, understanding of grief, coping, and resilience.
  2. Professional resume and portfolio of experience in traumatic mental health.
  3. Description of understanding and how you meet, exceed, or do not meet each required item of the RFP sections 1 and 2 These responses should be clearly typed out and labeled as to which component of the RFP is being described.
  4. Set forth your fee proposal and ensure that the fee is sufficient to cover the work that you expect to perform if you are awarded this engagement.
  5. Listing of credentials and certifying agencies.
  6. Three Reference Letters. ACLU-VA has the right to contact the individual or organizations identified in these letters.